About me

Lukas Wunderlich

Where it all began...

I gained my first experience in photography and social media at the age of 14. Back then I took pictures at many different airports all around Europe.

First projects

After a couple of years learning and improving my skills, I had my first collaboration with companies in the aviation field. Since then, I frequently worked on projects with Airlines, Airports and other organisations in the aviation industry

First job in the aviation industry

In the age of 16 I started as a photographer and graphic designer at Aviation Stock. With photoshoots from Dubai to New York I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence in photography.

Became a name on social media

I kicked off an Instagram account as well as a Youtube Channel to share my photography and videos on social media. Currently I have a combined reach of more than 30,000 followers and got several million impressions on my social media profiles.

Content Creator in the aviation industry

After many years in the aviation industry, I started as a writer for AeroTELEGRAPH, one of Germany's leading aviation websites, managing their social media accounts, creating content and writing articles.

Content Creator in motorsport

With my passion in motorsport which I have had since I was a little child, I put my focus on it and got a job as a social media manager and video editor for Motorsport-Magazin.com.
With my interest in the junior series like Formula 2&3, I also write reports about the races of these series.

Photographer of junior motorsport series

With the German and Italian Formula 4 series I gained my first experience as a photographer in motorsport. After a short time I had the honour of shooting for drivers at the racetrack and getting a closer look into the junior motorsport series.